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  Ranch Rush Game Overview









Ranch Rush


The pace is anything but slow on this farm!
The market demands your goods and you have to satisfy it—quickly! Plant, pick, and carry your produce to the barn for delivery to customers. It sounds easy but you'll have to be as quick as a greased pig to get your products grown and cashed in while facing pests, water shortages, mechanical breakdowns, and more. This is the most frenetic farm you can find!





A spread out farm is an unhappy farm. Use the Move Tool to place everything close together so you're not running around the farm more than you need to.


Ranch Rush





Tend to slow growing crops first so you're not left waiting for them as your timer quickly runs out.


Ranch Rush





Every week you'll have the chance to ignore demand and cash in on your most expensive crops. Leave crops from the previous round growing to get a head start!


Ranch Rush





  Tips and Strategies




Farm like you've never farmed before!




Satisfy market demand before your time runs out




·          Plants like tomatoes and corn grow slower, so plant them first and then do other things while they grow so you're not waiting around just for them.




·          Six plots of soil for every crop should be sufficient for most demands. Too many plots can be too much to manage.




·          The slower a crop grows the longer it takes to pick. Keep this in mind!




·          Store products like milk and honey to make it easy to complete the next days' orders or earn major cash during the Farm Frenzy level.




Location, location, location




You can move everything at any time with the Move tool, so use it every round to squeeze everything close together to reduce walking time.




Place machines next to the related produce, like tomatoes and the ketchup machine, to reduce time spent walking the farm.




Avoid having to walk all the way around a machine to fix it. When machines break down, note where you have to go to fix it so you can move your toolbox to that side of the machine.




Farm frenzy




Every week you'll have the chance to earn extra money not based on demand but on the price of your products. Concentrate on the most expensive crops to earn big bucks!




If you need a moment to breathe, click the Buy, Move, or Sell buttons to pause the game.