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Rainbow Web game


Return Sunshine to the Kingdom!
The Rainbow Kingdom was once a mystical wonderland comprising crystal clear lakes, mighty stone edifices and historic forests. But then wicked wizard Spider cast an evil spell and plunged the kingdom into darkness and disarray. It’s up to you to save the kingdom by freeing all the letters from the magic web to return peace, sunlight – and rainbows - to the kingdom.





Score points by swapping two neighboring beads to make a line of three or more matching icons either horizontally, or vertically, across the spider web.   


Rainbow Web



Collect the letters trapped in the web to solve the magic phrase of the level. Claiming letters is easy: Just place a bead containing a letter in a line with three or more matching beads to collect it.


Rainbow Web



As letters are collected, they will be highlighted in the top right hand corner of the screen. Collect all letters to complete the word, score extra points and to move on to the next level.


Rainbow Web





  Tips and Strategies




·          Score bonus points by linking more than three icons at a time.




·          Finish the level as quickly as possible to receive a higher time bonus.




·          Watch out for obstacles, like the spider, which will remove strands from the web and make your task more difficult.




·          Try to plot your moves so you create more than one string of three icons at the same time. Combo moves and doubles will earn you valuable extra points.




·          Words get longer and more complicated as you progress further through the game. Try to complete phrases as quickly as you can.




·          At the conclusion of each level a picture will be revealed of the piece of architecture you have helped return to the kingdom.




·          If you can’t figure out a move to make, wait a few seconds and the game will provide a hint.