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Play Quick Fire Pool 8 Ball free online!


Rack ‘em to shoot ultra-realistic pool!
Grab your pool cue and see how many shots you can make before time runs out! Every time you pot a ball, you’ll get a time bonus. When you are down to the last ball, you’ll receive a new rack of balls. Forget the normal pool rules — speed is the name of the game in Quick Fire Pool 8 Ball!





Use the mouse to aim the pool cue at the ball you want to pot. The guideline will help you line up the perfect shot.


Play Quick Fire Pool 8 Ball free online!





Set your shot power by clicking the left mouse button, then dragging the pool cue away from the direction you're aiming. Release the left mouse button to take the shot.


Play Quick Fire Pool 8 Ball free online!





You earn 100 points for every ball you pot, but don't sink the white ball! Otherwise, you'll get a 30-second penalty.


Play Quick Fire Pool 8 Ball free online!






  Quick Fire Pool 8 Ball Tips and Strategies




·          Forget the normal rules of pool! Don’t worry about choosing stripes or solids, or saving the 8-ball for last. This game is all about making shots quickly and accurately.




·          Take advantage of time bonuses! On the first rack, you get a 10 second bonus every time you pot a ball. You get a 9-second bonus on the second rack, an 8-second bonus on the third rack, etc.




·          For every five consecutive pots, your score multiplier goes up .5, to a maximum of 4.0. If you miss a shot or pot the white ball, the score multiplier goes down by .5.




·          Watch your shot power! Sometimes you only need to tap a ball in order to sink it. You also risk scratching the white ball if you overpower a shot.




·          If a ball is near a pocket, you might want to take a more difficult shot instead of potting it. Save the sure shots until you are running low on time.




·          A simple straight-in shot might not be as simple as it looks. Sometimes it's better to make a bank shot than to risk scratching and getting a 30-second penalty.