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  Quick Fire Pool 8 Ball Tips and Strategies




·          Forget the normal rules of pool! Don’t worry about choosing stripes or solids, or saving the 8-ball for last. This game is all about making shots quickly and accurately.




·          Take advantage of time bonuses! On the first rack, you get a 10 second bonus every time you pot a ball. You get a 9-second bonus on the second rack, an 8-second bonus on the third rack, etc.




·          For every five consecutive pots, your score multiplier goes up .5, to a maximum of 4.0. If you miss a shot or pot the white ball, the score multiplier goes down by .5.




·          Watch your shot power! Sometimes you only need to tap a ball in order to sink it. You also risk scratching the white ball if you overpower a shot.




·          If a ball is near a pocket, you might want to take a more difficult shot instead of potting it. Save the sure shots until you are running low on time.




·          A simple straight-in shot might not be as simple as it looks. Sometimes it's better to make a bank shot than to risk scratching and getting a 30-second penalty.