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Pyramid Solitaire game


Explore a pyramid!
Since when is 13 considered a lucky number? There’s no curse on these pyramids – just a lot of classic solitaire fun!

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Your goal is to eliminate all the cards from the board. The trick is that you have to eliminate them two at a time – and the two cards have to add up to the number 13!


Pyramid Solitaire game



You’ll get some help from the remainder pile, where you can turn cards over to help you make your matches.


Pyramid Solitaire game



However, you’ve got to keep your eye on the clock – you’ve only got two and a half minutes to finish – or it’s game over!  


Pyramid Solitaire game




  Tips and Strategies




·          Generally, it’s best to match a pyramid card with a card in the stock pile or the waste pile, rather than matching two pyramid cards.




·          Keep track of what cards you’ve already played. Knowing what is still available is key to knowing whether a possible match is good, acceptable, or even foolish.




·          Don’t accidentally trap a half a pair under the card you’ll need to complete it.




·          Since cards at the edge of the pyramid only trip one card, it’s generally better to play from the middle of the pyramid since that will free up more cards.