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Puzzle Inlay game


Fill in the puzzles while creating your own dazzling designs!
Use the colorful pieces to fill in each unique puzzle. But don’t let the conveyor fill up or you’ll never get to complete your masterpiece!




Click an available piece on the conveyor and drag it to the puzzle. Click within the puzzle to release the piece. Use the SPACEBAR to rotate pieces.


Puzzle Inlay



Dispose of unwanted pieces by dropping them in the ‘Drop Gem Section’ on the top conveyor. Only one piece can be on the conveyor at one time.


Puzzle Inlay



Some pieces have a special symbol on them. When you use them, you earn magic tools that give you special powers.


Puzzle Inlay




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  Tips and Strategies




·          Use the “Drop Gem Section” conveyor to drop pieces you don’t want to use.




·          The “Drop Gem Section” conveyor allows you to drop only one piece at a time. Once a piece is out of sight, you can drop another.




·          Use the bonus pieces (the ones with the swirls on them) as often as you find them to build up your magic tools.




·          Use the Wand magic tool to fill in any single space in the puzzle.




·          Use the Hammer magic tool to wipe out a single piece on the conveyor.




·          Larger pieces are worth more points.




·          But make sure you keep smaller pieces in your inventory in case you need them!