You Know It! Pop Trivia

Years of watching TV are about to pay off!

Deep down you always knew that watching sitcoms, reading fluffy magazines, staying up late to watch John Hughes films and singing songs to the radio would pay off! Now you can put all of that "useful" knowledge to work. Play the ultimate Pop Culture trivia game and wear that pop culture guru crown with pride!

The question appears on the screen. Click on one of the four possible answers. You score points in the first two rounds based on if you are correct, how fast you answer and the streak of correct answers.

After you have answered each question, click the Arrow under the words Click to Continue to load the next question.

In the final round, the four answers will appear. Use the Up and Down arrows to determine how many of your points you want to risk. If you have fewer than 1000 points, you may risk up to 1000. Click Place Bet and the final question will load.