Description: Plants vs. Zombies game



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  Plants vs. Zombies Tips and Strategies




·          Never let the sun sit idle in your garden. Click the sun icons in your garden as soon as you can to keep your plant-based defenses fortified.




·          Sunflowers generate the extra sun points that let your seed-based arsenal grow like a weed, so always maintain a healthy supply.




·          Sunflowers are defenseless against zombies. Plant them to the back of your garden and protect them as soon as possible, placing them behind rows of peashooters and other protector plants.




·          Keeping your brains about you and out of a zombie’s mouth is your goal, so strategic use of your inventory is key. For instance, peashooters perform best when placed far enough away that they can chip away at zombies. Potato mines take three patches to arm. And, always have a cherry bomb or similarly offensive plant locked and loaded for a zombie wave.




·          Know thine enemy, or zombie that is. Not-so tough zombies include the garden-variety zombie (the first zombie class you encounter), the flag zombie (who always signals a zombie wave), the newspaper zombie (who speeds up after losing his paper), and the screen-door zombie (whose screen door acts as a shield and whose weaknesses are fume- and magnet-shrooms).




·          Tough zenemies include the pole-vaulting zombie (who always jumps the first plant, so plant accordingly) and the buckethead zombie (who’s highly resistant to damage).




·          Use your shovel to remove a less powerful plant and replace it with a killer variety.