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Load the cannons and set sail for treasure!
Join a crew of brave buccaneers searching for lost treasure, but beware rival pirates looking to send you to a watery grave! Fire your cannon at the line of menacing skull-and-crossbones spheres in this swashbuckling puzzler. Match three or more spheres of the identical color to make them explode. But should the pirate spheres reach the end of the path, your days of sailing the Spanish Main are over!






Control the cannon by moving the mouse left or right. Use the mouse cursor to aim the crosshairs at the incoming line of pirate spheres.  Left-click to fire the cannon.


Pirate Poppers game





The  sphere to the right of the cannon is the next color available.  Right-click to cycle between the current sphere and the next one.


Pirate Popper game





Catch the Drop Anchor, Prisoner’s  Pace, and Stern Wind power-ups to slow down or stop the  line. Use the Exploding and Super Cannonball power–ups clear several spheres at once.


Pirate Poppers game






  Tips and Strategies





·          If you can’t use the sphere loaded in your cannon, don’t forget to right-click and swap the current color with the next one in line. You can tell what color is coming up by looking at the cannonball to right of the cannon.




·          Know when to use the right power-ups:

o    The Stern Wind power-up  




·          Instead of aiming where a potential match currently is, aim at where it will be once your sphere reaches that part of the screen. Lines move fastest when they are first entering the screen.






·          If your current sphere has been replaced with a Lightning, Wild, or Fireball power-up, you can save it for later use by cycling to the next sphere and using that one instead. Don’t use a power-up just because you happen to have it; planning the best time to release it is key to maximizing your advantage.






·          The effect of a lightning power-up is wider than it appears; not only will it zap everything in a vertical line above it, but also anything in close proximity to that line. One great use of this power-up is to aim directly between two close vertical track segments: in many cases, it will remove the spheres in both tracks.






·          Don’t panic if the line gets too close to the end. Instead, make several matches at the end of t Causing a chain reaction of multiple matches will force the current line to roll backwards a bit. The bigger the chain, the more the line retreats. Handy, if you’re getting too close to the pyramid!