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What’s the secret?
These tombs may be ancient but your skills can’t be! Your goal is to unlock each level by clearing a path on the game board. It looks easy at first but with tricky locked balls and new balls constantly appearing, you’ll have your work cut out for you!




Match 3 or more of the balls to remove them from the board. Clear a path to get the key to the lock and finish the level.


Play Pharaoh's Secret free online!



Balls surrounded by chains cannot be moved and must be matched twice to be removed from the board.


Play Pharaoh's Secret free online!



Multi-colored balls are wild and can be matched with any color to remove them.


Play Pharaoh's Secret free online!




  Tips and Strategies




·          Always go for a match. When you don’t match 3 on a move, extra balls appear and get in your way! 




·          Focus on freeing up the key and lock. You don’t want to use up all your balls clearing remote areas of the board. 




·          As soon as the path is clear, connect the key and lock. You’ll score points for finishing faster.