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  Peg Land Game Overview











Clear the land of pegs!
Bounce pegs away using a wild and colorful variety of special balls, pegs, powerups, and tactics in this fresh take on an exciting and challenging genre.
The goal is simple: Clear the board of special pegs with a ball that ricochets both off the walls and other pegs. To do it, you’ll need to hit pegs that’ll give you special powers and tricks to make incredible shots!






1. Point your cursor where you would like the ball to go, then click your mouse button to fire it. Aim for the light red/pink pegs—clear all of them to advance to the next level.







2. There are pegs throughout the level that will add powerups to your balls. Any peg that’s not like the others has some special ability, such as being able to see the trajectory of your ball before you launch it.







3. If possible, try to bounce your balls so they land in the cauldron at the bottom of the board. Doing so earns you a free ball immediately!












  Tips and Strategies




Although the only pegs you actually need to remove from the board are the pink ones, every peg is worth points, and some have special effects!




Some pegs, particularly the ones that are curved rectangles, can earn points if the ball rolls over them multiple times. Try to aim your ball so it follows a path along those special pegs.





Don’t hesitate to go after pegs that grant power ups—there are plenty throughout the game and each level is likely to have more than one!