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  Peggle Game Overview





Play our fun-filled and free Peggle game!


Can you become a Peggle Master?
It sounds so easy: just bounce a steel ball off pegs to remove them from the board… but it’ll take careful planning, equally careful aim, and a generous dollop of luck to conquer the game of Peggle. Why? Because once you fire that ball, there’s no telling where it will bounce and land! Will it score a bonus, or miss entirely? Only your aiming skill can guide it safely to its target and trigger Extreme Frenzy!




Point your cursor where you would like the ball to go, then click your mouse button to fire it. Just like a pinball, the Peggle ball will bounce off obstacles.


Play our fun-filled and free Peggle game!



When you hit a round or rectangular peg, it will disappear from the board. Remove all orange pegs before you run out of balls to proceed to the next level.


Play our fun-filled and free Peggle game!



Purple pegs are worth more than blue or orange pegs; shoot these for a bonus. Green pegs activate a Magic Power, which can help you clear a level faster!


Play our fun-filled and free Peggle game!



Tips and Strategies




Pick your pegs!




Although the only pegs you actually need to remove from the board are the orange ones, every peg is worth points, and some have special effects!




·          Blue pegs are the most common ones. They’re worth 10 points each, times the bonus multiplier. So if the gauge on the right side of the screen says 2x, each blue peg is worth 20 points.




·          Orange pegs must be removed from the board in order to win a level. Each orange peg is worth 100 points, times the bonus multiplier.




·          Green pegs activate magic special effects! There are only two of them per board, so make sure to use them wisely.




·          Purple pegs are worth the most: 500 points each, times the bonus multiplier. There is only one purple peg per board, and it moves after every shot!




Bring on the bonuses




You can win a free ball by scoring 25,000, 75,000, or 125,000 points in a single shot. You can also get a free ball by landing in the moving hole at the bottom of the screen.




Certain “stylish” shots can nab you extra points! For example, if you bounce the ball off an orange peg on one side of the screen, and it flies all the way across the board and bounces off another orange peg, that’s a Long Shot and 25,000 points in the bag.




As orange pegs are removed from the board, your bonus multiplier will increase. If you have only one orange peg left, but plenty of other pegs and a few extra balls, this is a great time to try some risky shots! The bonus score can be well worth the effort.




Extreme Frenzy




As soon as you clear the last orange peg from a board, Extreme Frenzy will be triggered. At this point, a row of bonus holes will appear at the bottom of the screen. The closer your ball lands to the middle of the screen, the more Frenzy points you’ll get.




Better still, for every leftover ball at the end of a level, you’ll score 10,000 bonus points!