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Craft a crazy quilt of puzzle fun!
Piece together colorful patches to solve increasingly intricate puzzles. Take your time, enjoy, even pour yourself a coffee… you’re not on the clock. Packed with piece-ful play, this game’s a stitch!




Type your first name or nickname, click Accept, click Play, and then click Close to open Level 1. Below the puzzle frame is your queue for pieces. Place any piece and another is added!


Play Patchworkz! free online!



Point to and click a piece to place, and then drag it to the board. If you’ve found its spot, it snaps into place as you release the left mouse button.


Play Patchworkz! free online!



Pieces get smaller and puzzles get harder. If the queue’s full of pieces you can’t place, drag a few to a free spot on the board to add new ones to the queue. Ideally, you get ones you can place!


Play Patchworkz! free online!





  Tips and Strategies




·          You’re not on the clock. If you want to go for a high score, know that the faster you solve the puzzle the more points you retain.




·          Click Pause whenever you want to examine the puzzle. That way, you won’t needlessly lose points.




·          Every puzzle comes with some pieces already laid out. While you can move them around, know that they’re already in their proper position.




·          Having trouble placing the pieces from the queue? Just move some from the queue to a free spot on the board to add new, and hopefully easier-to-place pieces, to the queue.