Title: Play a FREE game of Patchgirlz!





  Patchgirlz! Tips & Tricks




·          Although you’re not “on the clock” to solve each puzzle, there is a bonus for finishing quickly!  So if you’re trying for a high score, speedy solving is one great way to succeed.




·          As you remove pieces from the queue on the right side of the board, new ones will appear.  So if none of the ones you see at the moment have obvious homes on the board, move a few off and pile them on an empty part of the board, then see if the replacements are easier to place.  (Don’t forget to move all the random pieces back to the queue, or place them, eventually!)




·          When you set a piece near, but not quite on, its proper spot, it will “snap” the last tiny distance into place.  If you are completely stumped on all your available pieces, you might want to try moving one randomly around the board, just to see if it sticks anywhere!