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Paradise Quest

Genre: Puzzle

Can you save this tropical paradise?

A tiny Galapagos island stands on the brink of environmental collapse. But you, as the world-famous ecologist Dr. Finch, are here to save the day! Explore the island’s fragile biosphere by matching colorful symbols of the native plant and animal species. Then use your match-3 skills to collect the wilderness fragments you’ll need to repair the island’s ecosystem!

Click a symbol to select it, then click an adjacent symbol to swap the two.  Make a line of at least three matching symbols to score points! (You cannot swap symbols unless one or both of them will create a matching line.)

Each level contains one or more wilderness fragments, surrounded by stone tiles. Make a match on top of each stone tile to break it. Remove all fragments to win the level.

The Map in the lower corner of your screen shows the location of all remaining fragments. Use the Hint button up top if you’re having trouble finding a valid match!