Paradise Quest Tips & Tricks




·          On many levels, some of the tiles are made of sand. Match any line of symbols on top of a sandy square to clear it, and score a random point bonus (100 - 5000 points) or extra time (+5 to 15 seconds).




·          To score a Lightning bonus of 10000 points, remove all wilderness fragments from the board before the timer counts down by 1/3.   




·          On the more complex levels, where a Lightning bonus is unlikely, try for the Explorer bonus instead – make matches on top of at least 80% of all tiles on the board, and score 5000 extra points!




·          Remember that map in the corner of the screen.  If a level won’t end, at least one fragment still remains to be found!  Since the game board scrolls as you select symbols to match, use the map to locate the leftover fragment, then work your way towards it.