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Word-forming fun and puzzles = WIN +NER

Up for a challenge? Good with words? Nimble with letters? Excellent, because we have a game for you. Put together words by assembling their fragments, and then take a shot at putting the right letters in the right order in Word Completion. Try to get the correct answer before time runs out!




Click Exercise Your Brain to start playing. You’ll start playing on a tiled table with a category at the top of the page.





Choose fragments of words from the tiled table and place them in correct order at the bottom of the screen.





After assembling the fragments, you’ll play Word Completion. Choose tiles from the bottom of the screen and place them in the slots at the top.






  Paradise Island Tips and Strategies




·          Some words have three syllables, but you won’t need to worry about these words until later in the game.




·          You get a long amount of time to make your choices, especially in Word Completion. You can slow down and figure out the correct answers.




·          Knock out the words you recognize first. This will give you more time to work on the words that are giving you trouble.




·          If you are stuck in Word Completion, try using your hints on just one word. This does two things. First, it solves a word (or gives you enough of a head start). Second, it frees up letters and makes it easier to solve any remaining word(s).




·          Get into the habit of thinking “one word ahead,” especially when you are combining word fragments. Just as you put together a word, watch the board to see if there’s another word you can form quickly afterwards. This will free up more time to decipher the harder words.




·          Remember the category when creating words. For example, if the category is Bath and Beauty, then the correct word to create from the syllables STICK, LIP, ER would be LIPSTICK, not STICKER.




·          Scoring quickly will add extra points, but mistakes cost more.  Carefully look over all syllables before creating words.




·          Hints do not ding you for many points. Use them when you cannot figure out the next word.




·          This game is about prefixes and suffixes, too. When creating words, determine which syllables most likely will be the first (PRE, DE, RE) and which will most likely be the last (ING, ER, LY).




·          In Word Completion, use your hints at the beginning of the word to help you guess each word quickly. Don't forget to pay attention to the category.