Pandara’s Boutique Game Overview





Pandara's Boutique


Black and White and fun all over!
Never has shopping involved this much brain power! Drop in to Pandara’s Boutique and put your mind to the test with a slew of this Panda’s toughest puzzles. If you have a sharp eye and a sharper mind you’ll increase your brain power in no time.




Read the directions for each round carefully because time is limited!


Pandara's Boutique



Think fast and solve each round as quickly as possible.


Pandara's Boutique



Check out your stats at the end of each round to see if your skills are improving.


Pandara's Boutique




  Tips and Strategies




·          When you are on the on the gold tag round pay attention to the timer. The timer only advances when there are gold tags on the board. If it stays at zero you know you’ve cleared all the gold tags.




·          Don’t panic and click around on different objects! Incorrect answers will detract from your score. Stay calm and focused!




·          Pay attention to detail. Some objects may only have the tiniest of differences. A keen eye will give you a major boost in points.