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Cruise the world's major puzzle packing ports!
Load your ship's cargo hold at the largest and most exotic ports in the world! Wasted space is wasted money – so you'll need to use all of your puzzle-solving skills to efficiently fill your cargo bay with some of the most unusually shaped crates you've ever seen. From Portland, Oregon to Sydney, Australia from San Francisco, California to Tokyo, Japan, you'll build a fleet of cargo ships that will travel the globe in pursuit of new puzzle cargo.




Select packages from the row of crates at the bottom of the screen. Rotate the crate by pressing the space bar. Click again to place a package into the barge. If the package won't fit, drop it in the ocean by clicking over the water.





To pass each level, you need to meet or exceed the shipping goal displayed on the left side of the screen.





As you complete each level, you will accrue tokens that allow you to purchase access to new ports with additional special cargo pieces and new barges to increase your fleet.






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