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Night of the Scarecrows

Genre: Puzzle

They just...keep...coming!

Your farming village is under attack by an army of angry scarecrows come to life! These straw warriors have awakened from decades of sleep...use your skills, strategy, and speed to keep the oncoming army at bay. Defend the village using torches, pitchforks, and animal allies...and don't let the scarecrows reach the village gates!

Click Play Now to start the game. Clear the advancing scarecrows by clicking groups of three or more like symbols.

If you clear a group of seven or more symbols, you get a Crow. Click a Crow, then click a scarecrow, and that crow will fly up the column, removing all scarecrows of that type.

Click the Goat to capture him, then click him again and select a row to clear that entire row. Be careful...if the scarecrows reach the bottom of the screen, the game is over!