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Comb the beach!
Stranded on a deserted island, it’s up to you to figure out how you got there and how to escape! Roam the beach searching for clues and collecting artifacts in order to unlock the mysteries of a lost civilization. Do you have what it takes to unlock the mystery of Shark Island?




Choose between Story Mode and Arcade Mode.


Mystery of Shark Island game



Each wave will wash ashore a mix of valuable treasures and junk. Check the pane to see which kinds of items to gather.


Mystery of Shark Island game



Scan the beach to look for required items. When you see an item you need, click on it to collect it. Click on the ‘Hint’ button if you need help finding particular items.


Mystery of Shark Island game





  Tips and Strategies




·          Each fresh wave will wash ashore a mixture of treasures and junk. Keep an eye on your list to see which items need to be collected.




·          Look under other objects like rocks and seaweed to find obscured shells.




·          Darker areas of sand can obscure hidden shells.




·          When the first wave comes in watch the silhouettes in the water to see where collectible items might end up.




·          The best way to score points is in ‘Arcade’ mode. ‘Story’ mode will teach you good game strategy but you’ll get a higher score in ‘Arcade’ mode.




·          Don’t click randomly – mistakes reset the points multiplier.




·          Clicking on the same type of shell or object in a row increases points. Before clicking on an object look for more of the same.




·          Click the gold coin shaped object to remove debris and sand. You can usually spot this underwater before the tide recedes. Click it first. Click the next objects as the wind clears the shore to save time.