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Solving this mystery is not as easy as 1-2-3…
Use the magnifying glass to find numbers scattered throughout the scene before times runs out. Find enough of them to go on to the next scene. For an extra challenge, disable the magnifying glass and just use your sharp eyes!






1. Find all the numbers hidden throughout the scene. The scoreboard tracks both your score as well as which numbers you have not yet discovered. When you find a number, it will disappear from the scoreboard.


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2. Numbers can be represented as objects, as illustrated here.


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3. Numbers can be distorted, only partially visible, as well as backward and upside down.


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  Tips and Strategies




·          Try to go around the scene in a consistent direction, clockwise for example, so you don’t accidentally select a number you’ve already found.

·          Be sure you see a number before you click it—clicking on something that’s not a number will deduct time you have left for the scene.

·          If you become stuck, take a step back and look at the entire scene at once. You may realize there’s an area of the scene you haven’t yet scrutinized.

·          Remember to use the scoreboard and focus on numbers you know you have not yet found.