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  Mozaki™ Blocks Game Overview






Mozaki game

Connect colored walls to the center before time runs out!
Use colored pieces to create a path from the center to their same-colored walls. Complete the required number of connections in time to advance to the next level.






Click a colored piece on the right and drag it to the board. Hit the SPACEBAR, or click your right mouse button (see below to activate right-click control) to rotate pieces.







Create a path from the colored walls to the center square using same-colored pieces.







Complete the required number of connections before your time runs out!







Activating right-click control
Before Mozaki Blocks loads you will be prompted to download Zone ActiveX Right-click Manager. Click Yes if you would like to use your right mouse button to rotate pieces.




Please note: If you are using Firefox as your browser, you will need to use the Spacebar to rotate your game pieces.






  Tips and Strategies




·          Use the SPACEBAR to rotate pieces. To use your right mouse button to rotate pieces, click Yes when prompted to download Zone ActiveX Right-click Manager before the game loads.






·          Use the eraser piece to clear a stone from the board.




·          Use wild pieces (rainbow colored) to connect any color. They cannot create blocks.




·          Make larger blocks of a single color to score bonus points when you connect them.




·          The timer resets each time you complete a path.




·          When the Fire Pot appears in the center of the board, click on it to clear all stones from the board. Any blocks you’ve created will remain in place.




·          Each new level adds a new colored wall, and the other walls change position. Any pieces that are touching a wall that changes color will change to match. Pieces that are not touching a wall will not change color.




·          Rack up points in the beginning by creating long paths with multiple color blocks before completing the connection from the wall to the center island. This will become more difficult to do in later levels.




·          See if you can plan your use of Wild Pieces so that you can connect two different colored paths at once.




·          Reserve completing a path until the timer is almost out. Use the time to build blocks for more points.