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Mortimer Beckett and the Time Paradox

Genre: Puzzle

Puzzle and portal hop through time!

Gear up for mind-bending, seek-and-find fun with Mortimer Beckett. Mortimer's bumbling uncle has opened a history-changing time portal. Yikes! Now Mortimer needs you to help him puzzle and portal his way through two dangerous eras in time.

Items to find are in the first row of the inventory bar. But, they’re broken into pieces and hidden about the scenes! The number next to the item indicates how many pieces you must find. Before you can uncover all of them, you’ll have to solve all the puzzles and travel to all the scenes.

Click the MAP button to shift into map view. Use the map to travel from scene to scene. Be sure to use the map’s legend to track your progress.

Misplaced items must be returned to hot-spots. (You’ll know you’ve found a hot-spot when you point to an item in a scene and gears appear.) Match each misplaced item to its hot-spot and you’re on your way to clearing your inventory!