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Can you kick the distance?!
Coconuts aren’t for cracking … they’re for kicking! Meet soccer-crazy Monkey, and in lieu of a soccer ball, coconuts will have to do. Monkey’s challenge: super kicking the coconut to Monkey Village. Don’t monkey around, get kicking!




Simply left-click your mouse to kick. See how far the coconut cruises, and then kick it again!


Play Monkey Kick Off free online!



Monkey’s goal: shoot the coconut to his friends in Monkey Village—4,000 Monkey Meters away. To get it there, time your kick just right!


Play Monkey Kick Off free online!



Connect kick with coconut especially well and you might reach worlds beyond Monkey Village!


Play Monkey Kick Off free online!





  Tips and Strategies




·          The best tip comes from Monkey himself, “It’s all about the laws of physics. Think speed and angle for monster kicks. Oop, oop!”




·          It also doesn’t hurt to let Monkey recharge his energy a bit between kicks.




·          Do left-click your mouse to kick when the coconut is on its way down from a dribble and nearer Monkey’s feet.




·          Don’t try to kick the coconut when it’s on its way up in the air and farthest from Monkey’s feet.