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Monkey Gems

The stakes are high, and the snakes are hungry!

Benben the monkey is menaced by snakes! They wind along their path until their mouth gets close to Benben, then it's game over! The only way to keep the snakes at bay is by shrinking them down to nothing, by making matches. For every match you make, the snake gets smaller until it disappears!

Click where you want Benben to throw a gem. Make sequences of three of the same colored gems in a row to make a match and shrink the snake down to nothing!

A good way to get points is through combos. A combo is made when you make a match, then when the snake smashes together another match is made by itself.

Aim for special gems. When you make a match that contains a special gem, you'll be rewarded with bonuses like extra points, the removal of extra gems along the snake, slowing of the snake's speed, and more!