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Play Mixed Matrix Slingo free online!


Mix it up with Jokers and Devils!
You love classic Slingo, but sometimes you need to mix it up a little. That’s why Mixed Matrix Slingo adds a topsy-turvy twist! Spin the wheel and see if you can match the numbers that come up with numbers on the board. But unlike classic Slingo where matches must be in the same column, in this game matches can be anywhere at all. You’ll need to look sharp for matches before it’s time to spin again!




Click on the Spin button to spin the slot-machine wheels. Once a set of numbers appears, you only have 20 seconds to find matching numbers on your card.


Play Mixed Matrix Slingo free online!



When you find a match, the card number will turn into a purple star. Your goal is to match five in a row up and down, sideways or diagonally.


Play Mixed Matrix Slingo free online!



Collect coins for extra points and use jokers to place a star anywhere on the board. But watch out because the red devil could steal your spin!


Play Mixed Matrix Slingo free online!




  Tips and Strategies





·          Spin quickly so the timer doesn’t run out and you lose a spin.




·          Try to make as many matches of five in a row—up, down, sideways, or diagonally—as possible on your card. Also, try to fill up the whole card for extra points!




·          If all columns have the same number of covered squares, look first for an available square that can complete five in a row. If none are available, choose one that’s likely to help you make one or more matches of five in a row. Best areas are: top and bottom squares on the end columns, the second squares from the top and bottom on the columns next to the ends, and the middle square on the middle column.




·          When a spin nets you coinage, collect those points first by hovering your mouse over the coin or coins in your tray.




·          First and foremost, use your Jokers to help you match five in a row.




·          The Super Joker is the most helpful symbol in the game. It can cover any open square. You must use the Super Joker before clicking other symbols or numbers. The other symbols and numbers are grayed out until you cover a square with your Super Joker.