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Miriel the Magical Merchant 


Mmmmm Miriel!
No one cooks up a more magical loaf of bread than Miriel! Now you can help her serve monks, maidens, and rascals in her enchanted emporium – and, if you’re good, she might even share a recipe or two!




Wait on your customers – they’ll let you know what they want.


Miriel the Magical Merchant 



Select the items they request. You can earn bonus points by chaining together similar actions.  


Miriel the Magical Merchant 



When the items are ready, pick them up and take them to your customers. Don’t forget to pick up the cash!  


Miriel the Magical Merchant 




Tips and Strategies





·          Try to string as many actions as you can together – this will save time and make for happier customers!




·          Move quick! The faster you serve customers the happier they will be. And once you find your grandmother’s magical speed charm – don’t forget to use it.




·          Don’t forget to pick up the money you’ve earned – if you’re too slow, it will disappear!




·          It’s generally a good idea to build up your inventory of flour and water when you can. And having an extra egg lying around couldn’t hurt either!