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Developing for Xbox LIVE Arcade

If you plan to create the next hot game for Xbox LIVE Arcade, here are the steps you’ll take along the way.

Xbox LIVE Arcade’s vision and strategy
Our vision is to define and create an entirely new market for small, quick, fun downloadable games on Xbox 360. Our strategy is to create a single, integrated destination in the Xbox 360 console for users to download, try, buy and play downloadable games.

Why develop for Xbox LIVE Arcade?
With 65% of connected Xbox 360 customers downloading and playing Arcade titles, developing for Xbox LIVE Arcade is an effective way to reach a new and highly lucrative core gaming customer. These players are repeat purchasers with a high propensity to convert. And with one-click demos and one-click purchases, the barriers to entry are lower than ever. In addition, there’s the opportunity for incremental revenue by selling add-ons, levels, or skins for your game. Essentially, Xbox LIVE Arcade is a sizable (and rapidly growing) financial opportunity.

The primary Xbox LIVE Arcade gamer today is a highly engaged, dedicated gamer. They are usually short on time and thus looking for a quick playing experience. These players have a high propensity to pay, try new titles, and own multiple titles. The secondary/tertiary gamers in the household are wives, girlfriends, kids, and parents. The games that appeal to them are games they can experience alongside the core user (co-op).

Distributing your game on Xbox LIVE Arcade
Work with the Arcade Portfolio Planning team, or your established account manager, to determine whether your title is a good fit, and to iron out the business details. This usually includes a first glance brief regarding the game and your company. If the initial concept is approved you will fill out an official Concept Submission Form, which will go through another approval process. Before any game ideas are presented, you must sign a standard, mutual NDA. This protects both yourself and Microsoft.  Learn more by emailing arcade@microsoft.com.

For a library of developer reference material and a list of upcoming developer events, please see our Developer Resources page.

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