You only have one move… make it count!

No timer, no pressure, no excuses. It’s just your strategic skill versus a series of ever-more-complex chessboard scenarios.  Each one can be solved in a single move, but can you puzzle out which move to make?

Conquer every level, and crown yourself king of the game!




The object of the game is to place the opponent’s king in checkmate: a situation from which it cannot escape. Click one of your own pieces to select it, then click a square to move there.




Pieces can only move as they would in Chess (see Tips and Strategies for more information). When you click a piece, all available move points will be highlighted on the board.




Consider each move carefully before making it – get one right on the first try, and you’ll earn a gold trophy for the level! And no worries if you’re completely stumped, just click the Hint button.






Having Trouble?



Tips and Strategies