Title: Play a FREE game of Mate in One Move!





  Mate in One Move Tips & Tricks




·          Pieces can only move as they would in a game of Chess:

Pawns – one square forward, or one square diagonally if capturing an opposing piece.

Knights – three squares in an L shape, such as one square left and two squares forward, or two right and one forward.

Bishops – any number of squares diagonally.

Rooks – any number of squares horizontally or vertically.

Queen – any number of squares diagonally, horizontally, or vertically.

King – one square in any direction.




·          Remember: your single move must place the opposing king in checkmate, not just check.  He must have no way of escaping!




·          Since this game is untimed, there is no penalty for careful consideration at the start of a move.  Take advantage of it, and examine each scenario for options before selecting a piece.




·          Your imaginary opponent has more pieces on the board than just a lonely and helpless king, so keep an eye on their location and possible moves.  Check isn’t mate if the piece you choose to play will be captured immediately afterwards!