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Your new match is a perfect 10!

Build chains of colorful digits, adding your way across the board. Each chain may have no more than 10 numbers, and must equal the number 10! You can start and end anywhere you like, but remember: your score for each move is the number you create.

Win or lose, you can count on a good time!




Click any number to select it, then drag your mouse across adjacent numbers to form a chain. This chain can be no more than 10 digits long, and the numbers included must add up to 10.




Each successful chain will award you points equal to the number formed – so a chain of 4-0-2-0-4 is worth 40204 points. Each number used in the chain will then become one value smaller.




If you get stuck, try the Mix button (top right) or rotate the board (bottom center). When there are no moves left, your current total will be divided by 1000, to reveal your final score!






  Tips & Tricks




·          The order in which you build a chain is important, since it forms your score – remember to start with the highest possible digit in the chain.  8-0-0-2 is worth almost six thousand more points than 2-0-0-8.




·          The numbers you use in a chain will remain on the board afterwards (except zeroes, see below), but each one will be reduced by one digit in value.  So when you use a 5, it becomes a 4; 3 becomes 2; and so on.  When you use a 1, it will be reduced to a zero, and these are your key to victory.  Each zero used at the end of the chain will increase that move’s score by a factor of 10, so while 5-3-2 is only 532 points, 5-3-2-0 would be 5320 points!  Since the longest possible chain is 10 numbers, the best possible move in Match 10 would be a nine followed by a 1 followed by eight zeroes, for a whopping total of 9,100,000,000 points.




·          Once you use a zero, it will be removed from the board.  The numbers above it will cascade down to take its place, but no new numbers will be added to the board.  Once you have a few of these empty spaces, you can click the Rotate button to turn the board 90 degrees, and gravity will realign the numbers.  This can be extra-helpful once you’ve run out of Mixes (Mix can only be used five times per game)!




·          The aim of the game is to get the highest possible score, not necessarily for each move, but overall.  You may need to make some low-scoring chains at the start of a game in order to create the numbers you’ll want later.  Avoid using any zeroes in these early chains, since you’ll need as many as possible in the endgame.