HighRise Poker Solitaire Tips & Tricks




·          The order in which you build a chain is important, since it forms your score – remember to start with the highest possible digit in the chain.  8-0-0-2 is worth almost six thousand more points than 2-0-0-8.




·          The numbers you use in a chain will remain on the board afterwards (except zeroes, see below), but each one will be reduced by one digit in value.  So when you use a 5, it becomes a 4; 3 becomes 2; and so on.  When you use a 1, it will be reduced to a zero, and these are your key to victory.  Each zero used at the end of the chain will increase that move’s score by a factor of 10, so while 5-3-2 is only 532 points, 5-3-2-0 would be 5320 points!  Since the longest possible chain is 10 numbers, the best possible move in Match 10 would be a nine followed by a 1 followed by eight zeroes, for a whopping total of 9,100,000,000 points.




·          Once you use a zero, it will be removed from the board.  The numbers above it will cascade down to take its place, but no new numbers will be added to the board.  Once you have a few of these empty spaces, you can click the Rotate button to turn the board 90 degrees, and gravity will realign the numbers.  This can be extra-helpful once you’ve run out of Mixes (Mix can only be used five times per game)!




·          The aim of the game is to get the highest possible score, not necessarily for each move, but overall.  You may need to make some low-scoring chains at the start of a game in order to create the numbers you’ll want later.  Avoid using any zeroes in these early chains, since you’ll need as many as possible in the endgame.