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  Mah Jong Quest Tips and Strategies




·          Your goal in Mah Jong Quest is not to clear the entire board, as you would in standard Mah Jong, but simply to find and remove the Yin and Yang tiles. Once these two tiles are successfully removed, you will receive bonus points for any unused tiles still on the board. Therefore, consider all your moves carefully; if you don’t absolutely need to remove a pair of tiles from the board in order to uncover the Yin and Yang, leave them on the board for a boost to your score.




·          Puzzles will often contain more than one pair of each number/picture combination. Before you click to remove a pair, look around to see if there is a better match that can be made for one of those particular tiles. If, for example, three tiles of the same type are available at the same time, you should choose the two which uncover or free up the most new tiles.




·          Tiles of the same number/picture type are sometimes stacked on top of each other. In order to free the “trapped” one, you must first match the one on top of it. If you see a pair like this, immediately start looking for more tiles which would match it; if you remove all other identical tiles from the board without first solving this problem, you’ll have no way to free any other tiles which the stacked pair are blocking.




·          Dragon tiles, magnets, and dynamite tiles are worth more bonus points than regular tiles. If you can free the Yin and Yang tiles without using all your dragons or special tiles, you can amass quite a bonus at the end of the round!




·          Don’t be shy about using the Undo button! If you realize that you’ve gotten into a difficult situation, and the tiles you need to solve it are already gone from the board, simply hit Undo until those tiles reappear, and start over from that point.




·          For higher scores only play tiles that help you get closer to the Yin Yang (this can be difficult when you cannot see the Yin Yang but after playing the layout once you should have no problem the next time). Focus on tiles that will lead you directly to the Yin Yang and only play tiles outside of that goal if it helps you move in closer.




·          Increase your points haul by avoiding using any special tiles such as dynamite or the magnets. These tiles are worth a huge amount if you don't use them, as are the stone blocks - you get a lot of points for having the stones still on the board when you finish.





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