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Mahjong Match

Genre: Puzzle

Match Mahjong tiles to solve the puzzle!

Are you a Mahjong lover and puzzle inlay fanatic? Then by all means try Mahjong Match – the harmonious union of two classic casual games!

Take a tile from the conveyor belt and make a match with an identical tile on the gorgeous Mahjong board. You must find a match for every board tile to win. But be careful – you will lose a life if the conveyor fills up with tiles!

Select a tile from the conveyor belt, then drop it on an identical board tile to make a match! Some tiles will be blocked on the left and right sides or covered by top tiles.

If you cannot make a match, drop the tile in the golden box to the right of the Mahjong board. Once you click on a tile, you must make a match or discard it in the box.

Use power-ups to help solve the puzzle! Click on the magic wand to reveal possible matches or click on the bomb to clear tiles from the conveyor.