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Mahjong Match game


Match Mahjong tiles to solve the puzzle!
Are you a Mahjong lover and puzzle inlay fanatic? Then by all means try Mahjong Match – the harmonious union of two classic casual games!

Take a tile from the conveyor belt and make a match with an identical tile on the gorgeous Mahjong board. You must find a match for every board tile to win. But be careful – you will lose a life if the conveyor fills up with tiles!




Select a tile from the conveyor belt, then drop it on an identical board tile to make a match! Some tiles will be blocked on the left and right sides or covered by top tiles.


Mahjong Match game



If you cannot make a match, drop the tile in the golden box to the right of the Mahjong board. Once you click on a tile, you must make a match or discard it in the box.


Mahjong Match game



Use power-ups to help solve the puzzle! Click on the magic wand to reveal possible matches or click on the bomb to clear tiles from the conveyor.


Mahjong Match game




  Mahjong Match Tips and Strategies




·          Don't panic – you have time to make matches: Mahjong Match is very similar in gameplay to classic Mahjong Solitaire, even with the added challenge of the conveyor belt. Don't feel that you need to rush and grab the first tile that comes down the conveyor. If you stay calm and steadily find matches, the board will open up and you will be able to play those tiles piling up on the belt.




·          Save picture tiles for last: Basic tiles must form an identical match in order to be played. On the other hand, picture tiles can be matched to any other tile from the appropriate flower or season set. So a winter tile can be matched with a summer tile, an orchid tile can be matched with a plum tile, etc.

 It's a good idea to get the identical matches out of the way first and leave the picture tiles on the conveyor belt for later. That way you have plenty of matching options later in a level.




·          Drop duplicate tiles in the box: As you clear the board, you will probably notice duplicate tiles filling up the conveyor belt. If all tiles on the board are clearly visible, you can safely pick out which tiles are extras and drop them into the golden box.

It's recommended that you don't start eliminating tiles until you can see most of the board – otherwise you might get rid of a needed tile by accident!




·          Watch what tiles you grab: There is no undo button in Mahjong Match – once you take a tile from the conveyor belt, you must either make a match or discard it in the box. It pays to scan the board and look for matches before selecting tiles from the conveyor. 




·          Clear "target" tiles as quickly as possible: On some levels the Mahjong board will start off hidden. In order to reveal the board, look for the "target" tile – it should be located at the top of the board sandwiched between two regular tiles. Make it your top goal to clear these side tiles so that you can reveal the rest of the board.




·          Try to time your discards: The golden box will close for several seconds after you drop a tile into it. Be careful about clicking on the next discard tile while the box is resetting – this will cause a backup that could lose you the game. Instead, watch the bar timer count down on the lid, then select the next tile just as the box is about to re-open.




·          Fill up the dragon to earn cool power-ups: There is a dragon silhouette to the right of the board that slowly fills up as you match tiles. When the dragon turns completely gold, you will be awarded a power-up! The faster you make matches, the faster you can earn those power-ups.

The bad news is the silhouette will slowly empty if you take too much time looking for a match or discarding tiles.




·          Use power-ups to your advantage: The magic wand power-up will turn all matching tiles on the board and conveyor green, making it a snap to spot possible matches. This power-up is useful when the conveyor is filling up but the board is still cluttered, making it hard to find a match quickly.

The bomb clears all tiles from the conveyor belt. This power-up is a life-saver if the conveyor is almost full but isn't quite as useful as the magic wand. After all, the magic wand helps you find matches and earn points.