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Play Mahjongg Garden free online!


Match beautiful tiles in a tranquil garden!
Imagine yourself relaxing in a peaceful garden as you solve Mahjongg puzzles. Attain a state of perfect harmony as you match tiles decorated with geometric patterns, flowers, and seasons. Find as many matches as you can before time runs out!




Click two matching tiles to clear them from the board.  Some tiles, such as the Flower or Season tiles, do not need an exact match.


Play Mahjongg Garden free online!



Only tiles that are uncovered and that have an open left or right edge can be matched.


Play Mahjongg Garden free online!



If you want to see the board from another angle, click Options and select Front View or Perspective View.


Play Mahjongg Garden free online!




  Mahjongg Garden Tips and Strategies




·          If you’re completely stuck, click on the Deal New Tileset button in the game menu to rearrange the tiles.




·          Take time to find the best match possible. If three tiles with the same symbol are available, you should choose the two which free up the most new tiles.




·          Remember that you can match a flower tile with any other flower tile, and the same goes for season tiles.




·          Change your view! Switching between Front View and Perspective View will help you find matches you may have overlooked.




·          Work through the tallest stack of tiles first. You don’t want to leave tiles trapped at the bottom of the stack!