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  Mahjongg Dimensions Blast Game Overview






Blast this new Mahjongg before time runs out!

The new puzzle classic is back with a fresh new twist! Match tiles as quickly as you possibly can—there’s a limited time available to you for the entire game! The faster you match, the higher your score! Spin the tiles around to look for matches on every side.




1. Clear cubes by matching pairs of cubes with like symbols that are both free on two adjacent sides. The faster you find matches, the higher your Blast Bar will rise, giving you more points. Go as far as you can before time runs out.





2. If you can't find a match, press the A or D keys on your keyboard or click the Arrows to rotate the puzzle. Often this will help you find a pair of cubes you can match off. Clear pairs quickly for bonus points!





3. Some of the cubes in the puzzle are Score Multiplyer Tiles. Match them, and the amount you score will be multiplied. Match multiple pairs of like cubes for even more points.





Tips and Strategies




·          Strings of matches earn you points, and the faster you find them the more your Blast Mode meter increases.




·          Earn bonus points when you match the same image type multiple times in a row.




·          Also, if you make a match within three seconds of another one, you'll activate a points multiplier. String together a bunch of these for BIG points!




·          When a level begins, take a quick second to see if there is a quick way to get to the Time Bonus Tiles. Matching those off quickly is critical to getting deep into the game.




·          Match special Time Tiles to earn extra time. More time means more points!