Mahjongg Dark Dimensions





  Mahjongg Dark Dimensions Tips and Strategies




·          Strings of matches earn you points, but finishing levels keeps you playing. Make your matches and the points will take care of themselves.




·          That said: you can earn bonus points if you can match off the same image type multiple times in a row.




·          Also, if you make a match within three seconds of another one, you'll activate a points multiplier. String together a bunch of these for BIG points!




·          When a level begins, take a quick second to see if there is a quick way to get to the Time Bonus Tiles. Matching those off quickly is critical to getting deep into the game.




·          It should go without saying, but we will anyhow: work quickly! The remaining time on your clock carries over to the next level, so you need to work fast on the easier early levels to save up as much time as you can for the harder ones!