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  Mahjongg by Arkadium Tips and Strategies




·     Once the game loads, the clock starts counting down!




·     Remember, you can match any Flower tile with another such tile; these types of tiles do not have to be precisely matched. Season tiles are the same too.




·     Some tile faces look alike, which ups the challenge and trains your brain! To keep confusion at bay, hover your mouse over a tile and verify its value in the window at the lower left-hand corner. Also, focus on distinguishing patterns and symbols.




·     If three tiles with the same symbol are available, pick the two that free up the most tiles.




·     Toggling between Perspective and Front views can help you catch overlooked matches. Click Options, select a view, and then click OK. The game clock pauses as you do so.




·     Click Deal New Tileset if you’re unable to make any matches. You won’t lose points. Doing so refreshes the board and keeps you matching.