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Magic Match: The Genie's Journey

Genre: Puzzle

Return to the Lands of the Arcane!

Merlin and that lovable imp Giggles are back! Help them as they cross the deserts of Arcania, outwit a master thief, explore the pyramids, and traverse the City of Gods. Match and gather magical components before the time potion runs out, and use magic points to cast spells that can get you out of a jam! Magic Match: The Genie's Journey marks the return of a puzzling classic!

To complete each level you will have to gather a predetermined number of magical components. Collect components by linking them into chains of three or more items of the same type. Just click and drag your mouse over the components that you wish to link.

Magic points are earned by collapsing chains of components on the blue tiles – for each freed blue tile you will be awarded one magic point. Magic points can be traded to purchase spells to help you out of troublesome situations.

During the game you must watch the level of the potion indicated by the magic vial on the right of the game screen. You need to keep the potion from running out by making matches. If it empties completely, the level will end and you will have to try again!