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It's the ultimate in puzzle excitement!

When the sacred artifacts of Queen Nefertiti are robbed, her spirit calls on you to find them and set her spirit free. Wield the falcon-wing shooter of Horus, track down the thieves, and defeat them in the all-new Battle Mode! Luxor: Quest for the Afterlife is a stirring new chapter in the popular Luxor series...begin this incredible adventure today!




Whenever you get a big match you'll get a power-up. Grab these power-ups when they fall toward your shooter! They're needed to get past most levels.


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You just have to touch falling jewels with your shooter to grab them—you don't need to get them precisely in the center so don't fret or hesitate, grab 'em all!


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Save up for something special at the store. You'll get plenty of the power-ups for free that you can buy in the store, so save up for things like the xtreme!


Play Luxor Quest for the Afterlife




Tips and Strategies




The secret to eternity is combos!




Combos become power-ups




·          Unless you're in an emergency, don't make any ol' match you see. Try to set up combos.




·          Use the Fireball power-up to destroy two separate rows of balls, if you can.




·          If you hear a heartbeat, you're in extreme danger of losing the game!




·          The targeting icon changes color according to what ball you're about to shoot, this means you don't have to keep an eye on your shooter except to pick up jewels.




Even the eternal must shop




If you have a choice between grabbing a jewel or an ankh coin, grab the ankh coin. You'll use the ankhs at the store.




The special items in the store are expensive and you'll get plenty of power-ups during the course of play, so save your ankh coins for the special items, not power-ups.




Even if you don't have a lot of ankh coins you should visit the store frequently to see what has unlocked for you.




When in doubt, shoot!




It can be better to get a ball into play rather than wait too long for the "perfect" shot. Every second you wait, the end of the game draws nearer.




Make every effort to shoot artifacts when they appear—they're extremely valuable!