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  Luxor 5th Passage Tips and Strategies





·          Lead your target! Remember, a line of spheres can move fairly quickly; instead of aiming where a potential match currently is, you should aim at where it will be once your sphere reaches that part of the screen. Lines move fastest when they are first entering the screen.




·          If your current sphere has been replaced with a powerup, you can save it for later use by cycling to the next sphere and using that one instead. Don’t use a powerup just because you happen to have it; planning the best time to release it is key to maximizing your advantage.




·          Don’t waste time catching treasure if your spheres are very close to entering the pyramid! Treasure means nothing if you lose the game!




·          Causing a chain reaction of multiple matches will force the current line to roll backwards a bit. The bigger the chain, the more the line retreats. Handy, if you’re getting too close to the pyramid!