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Dig into fun!
Lucy is digging up some adventure and needs your help! Earn funding by taking care of your crew and recovering artifacts. Advance to the next level by moving fast and reaching your daily goal!




Click and drag diggers and pickers to holes that need excavating.  When the workers are finished, send Lucy to the artifact to have her study it.


Play Lucy's Expedition free online!



When workers get thirsty or hungry, click on the item they’re requesting to make Hannah pick it up and then deliver it to the worker.


Play Lucy's Expedition free online!



After each round, you are given the chance to match artifacts to earn extra points.


Play Lucy's Expedition free online!



  Lucy’s Expedition Tips and Strategies




·          If you double up 2 diggers on a site, you’ll score extra points.  




·          Look at the meters to see what’s buried in each area and how valuable the artifacts are. Gold trumps silver, silver trumps bronze.  You can also see how many rocks are in the way. 




·          Use upgrades to help your team work better and faster. 




·          When Gneaugood appears to cause trouble, click on him to make him go away.