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Little Shop: Road Trip

Genre: Puzzle

Motor America on a shopping spree!

Gas up your wagon and hitch up the trailer! It’s time to hit the road for your Little Shop. Motor west for finds at the Grand Canyon and Seattle’s Pike Place Public Market. Head east for kitschy castoffs from the celebs of South Beach and the ghosts of the Alamo. Then sell your one-of-a-kind finds. Ka-ching!

Click the Grand Canyon button to start. You’ve got five minutes to find 15 objects. Click HINT to get a peek at what your items look like.

The magnet attracts all objects needed. It packs power, but doesn’t last. Find it fast, but only use it when you really need it. You can’t get it back!

Find the thermometers in each scene. Use them for their seeking powers. Objects will flame when your pointer is close and freeze when it’s not.