Description: Play Little Shop Memories free online!



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  Little Shop Memories Tips and Strategies




·          If you need help, click the HINT button.




·          Question marks (“?”) are hidden in every scene. Find them to earn hints. The question mark symbol next to the hint button indicates if any more remain hidden in the scene.




·          Find at least 10 items in each round to earn a keepsake for your scrapbook. Find 15 items to earn a gold star!




·          Keep an eye out for thermometers hidden in each scene. Whenever you click a thermometer, an item balloon flames if you’re close and freezes if you’re far.




·          There are two cameras hidden in every scene. When you click on a camera, you'll get a flash peek at the set of items you currently seek.




·          Keep an eye out for pranks cans and instant photos hidden in every scene. Find them all to win a trophy!




·          Return to Little Shop Memories again to find new items!