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Jump Robot

Might as well Jump!  But no free fallin’.

Jump Robot, jump! Take your robot on a high-flying trip as he jumps from platform to platform ascending into the sky collecting coins and jewels, and avoiding the giant red bombs of destruction. Use the coins to buy powerful engines and other upgrades for your robot. It’s a fast-paced finger-twitching game of agility and accuracy that will have you jumping.

Put your fingers on the cursor keys of your keyboard and get ready for action. Your robot automatically jumps on the platforms which act like trampolines. Keep jumping from platform to platform as you progress upward. The distance traveled is in the upper left of the playfield. Make sure to collect as many coins and jewels as you can to upgrade your robot.

Use the Left and Right cursor keys to move onto platforms that are off to the sides. Press the Up cursor key to use your engine to jet to a higher platform (your fuel meter is in the lower right of the screen). Watch out: some platforms break when you bounce on them. If you fall down off the screen, or get hit by a red bomb, the game is over.

Use the coins you’ve collected to buy upgrades. Buy a stronger engine with greater fuel capacity, purchase the ability to jump higher or move left to right faster, pick up a parachute to slow your fall or a magnet to attract coins, and more. Good luck and jump, robot, jump!