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Escape from Joboo’s Temple of Gems!
Doctor Amber Stone – explorer extraordinaire – has just made the find of a lifetime deep in the jungle. It seems the legends of a lost temple loaded with gems are true! Nobody will mind if she collects a few sparkling specimens for the Gemological Society…

Joboo the enchanter awakes in a furious mood! How dare a jewel thief interrupt nap time! Now you must help Dr Stone live to tell the tale of Joboo’s Gems!  




Left-click to drop a gem. Match three or more gems of the same color to break them into shards.


Joboo's Gems game



The faster you make matches, the faster the bucket will fill with shards. Lower the bucket before the gems reach the temple roof!


Joboo's Gems game



In Survival mode, watch out for Joboo’s attack meter filling up. When it does, he will cast spells to stop Dr Stone.


Joboo's Gems game



Tips and Strategies




Basic strategy




·          Always look down! Try and keep a few columns clear – that way gems can be dropped to the very bottom of the board.




·          Right-click to summon the next gem in order. This will help you make matches, or allow you to save a ROCK or TNT power-up for when you need it.




·          Colossal combos are the easiest way to rack up major points. The more combos of gems you match at once, the more points awarded!




·          The jungle goes ape when you create 4 or more combos! Watch the monkey drop coconuts on Joboo’s head, stunning him!




·          It can be tricky to clear all the gems from the board, but when you do you will receive a massive All Clear bonus, worth thousands of points!




Advanced strategy: Power-ups




·          The ROCK power-up clears all the gems in the column where it’s dropped. This is a great way to clear out a column that’s getting too close to the temple roof.




·          Drop a gem after the ROCK and it will follow the ROCK’s path to the board’s bottom. This is handy for setting up colossal combos.




·          For a double whammy, drop a ROCK and follow it up with a TNT power-up. This will allow the TNT to blast away the gems on the bottom row!




·          Smash a STAR flask to put Joboo to sleep. But do NOT smash more than one at a time – Joboo will not sleep any longer.




·          Smash as many BOLT flasks as you can – this will create a massive lightning storm that can quickly clear the board!




Advanced strategy: Survival Mode




·          Joboo’s spells can ruin your day. His FALLING FORTUNES spell adds random gems to the board. His RISING OAK spell blocks out entire rows, making matches difficult.




·          At higher levels, Joboo’s attack meter fills up very fast, and he casts even more powerful spells than the ones mentioned here. Beware!




·          Clear all seals to take Joboo out of the fight. Use whatever item you have to get the job done fast. Use ROCKS or TNT to crush a column of gems and get the seal at the very bottom.




·          Keep the gem level low at all times, because Joboo’s next attack could end your adventure!





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