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  Jig Words Game Overview






Jig Words game


A Word and Jigsaw Puzzle Combined!
What do you get if you cross a jigsaw with a crossword? Jig Words, of course!

Use your word skills to create as many words as possible from the six letters available. Every word you come up with will score you points – and reveal a little more of the hidden jigsaw. Fill in as many words as possible to score maximum points, complete the puzzle – and move on to the next level.






Spell out words by clicking on the letters one at a time and in the exact order you want them to appear in the panel above. Words can vary from three to six letters in length.


Jig Words





Click ‘Enter’ to submit your word. If it’s correct you will be awarded points and one or more puzzle pieces will be revealed on the jigsaw. The submitted word will also appear in the grid to the side of the jigsaw.


Jig Words





Fill in as many words as possible to complete the jigsaw and the word grid, and to advance to the next level.


Jig Words





  Jig Words Tips and Strategies




·          If you’re stuck, hit the ‘Shuffle’ button to re-arrange the letter tiles to help you find more words.




·          Spaces for all of the possible words that can be made from the six letters are displayed on the right-hand side of the screen. At a glance you can see how many words remain – and how many letters each contains.




·          All of the words that you've created are listed alphabetically leaving gaps for the words you have not yet discovered.  This can provide you with clues for the beginning letters of words you've not yet found.




·          Click the ‘Hint’ button to reveal random letters in words that have not yet been found.




·          You only have a limited number of hints, so use the ‘Hint’ button wisely.




·          Look for common word endings, such as "ed" and "ing," among your letters.




·          Don't forget to use the letter "S" to form plurals.




·          When the puzzle is completed the ‘Go To Next Level’ button will appear. You can click on it to advance to the next level, or continue making words to fill in the grid – and score more points.