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  Jigsaw Tips and Strategies




·          Use Arrange to clear the workspace and see all unplaced pieces.




·          Complete the edges first.  Use Edges to show just the edge pieces – this will make it easier to complete the outside of the puzzle.




·          Zoom in to get a detailed look when snapping pieces in to position.




·          Zoom out to get a better look at the entire workspace.




·          Open the Guide image to get a look at the completed image, just as you would use the top of the box for reference at home.




·          You can place the guide image wherever you like on the workspace for better reference. To do so just click in the image and drag and drop to the desired location. Close the guide image by clicking the Close button in the top right-hand corner.




·          Keep Rotate off for an easier puzzle-playing experience.  If you’re looking for a greater challenge, turn Rotate on and test your puzzling abilities.




·          Use Arrange towards the end of a game to pull in any wayward pieces.