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  Jewel Quest Frenzy Game Overview






Play Jewel Quest Frenzy free online!


Can you match up against the ticking clock?

Let the quest begin again! Enjoy all the classic elements of Jewel Quest at a frenzied pace. The clock is ticking down to your doom. Start matching quickly to uncover gold and fun new Power-Ups






Click on two adjacent artifacts to swap their positions and create gold tiles underneath.


Play Jewel Quest Frenzy free online!





Turn every tile on the board into gold before the timer runs out.


Play Jewel Quest Frenzy free online!





When you move to the next level, you are awarded Power-Ups you can use in the game. Use these Power-Ups to crank up your score. If the timer runs out on any level, the wild Frenzy ends!


Play Jewel Quest Frenzy free online!





Tips and Strategies




·          Form matches of three in a row by swapping two adjacent jewels. Try, too, to form matches of four-in-a-row and matches that create “T” and “L” formations. You score more and complete your Jewel Board faster.




·          Chain reactions and speedy matching lead to higher scores.




·          Use your Power-Ups! Each Power-Up has a special ability but remember that each has one has a cooling period of 10 seconds before you can activate them again.




·          Make matches as fast as possible even while other jewels are cascading.




·          The more you play, the more tokens you can earn for more Power-Ups.




·          You must turn all the spaces to gold on the Jewel Board. Hold down the left Ctrl key on your keyboard to view the board without jewels. Doing so helps you match more strategically.




·          If you don’t make a move for a while, jewels flash to show you valid moves. Use these hints to your advantage.




·          Work any board as much as possible from the bottom first. Also, be sure to match your jewels in the corners as soon as you can.